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Power DOS v1.8 (1.44)   Powerfull system boot diskette what give
you a lot of DOS advantages.

- Long File Names (DOSLFN v0.40e)
- Mouse driver (Cute Mouse v1.9)
- CD-ROM driver (vide-cdd + shsucdx)
- Russian keyboard (keyrus v8.0 beta 16)
- Virtual drive (XMS RAMdisk v1.9i)
- NTFS driver v3.02r (Read-Only)

Standart Microsoft utilities:
- EMS v4.0 + XMS v3.0
- SMARTDrive Disk Cache
- ScanDisk (FAT32)
- Free FDisk v1.2.1 (alternative)
- Format v0.91 (alternative)

Special utilities:
- File manager (Volkov Commander v4.99)
- Archivators (pkzip, pkunzip, pkzipfix v2.50)
- Boot Sector Repair v1.2
Download  [0.97Mb] 29.03.2008
Power DOS v1.8 (2.88) How to create bootable CD?

How to create multi-bootable CD?

How to edit image of boot diskette? More/Less

All power of PowerDOS (1,44Mb) and:

Tools (tools.zip):
- Active@ Partition Recovery v3.0
- Active@ UNERASER for DOS v3.0
- Windows Registry Checker (Win98/ME)
- Registry Viewer v3.89
- Diskette Restorer v2.2

NTFS, Ext2FS, Ext3FS driver (ntfs.zip):
- Paragon DOS IFS driver

System files (sys.zip):
- System files (Windows 98/ME/2000/XP)

Archivators (archives.zip):
- RAR         (UnRAR v3.3.6)
- CAB         (EXTRACT v1.00.0610.0)
- IMA,IMG   (WIMAGE v2.10)
Download  [2.59Mb] 29.03.2008

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